Project: Kinetic Fish Sculpture at the Ontario Science Centre, 2009

Role: I assisted youth and women from the Don Mills area of Toronto in the creation of this sculpture installation. I led community members through the creation of individual painted fish, which were then incorporated into the larger structure by OSC staff. The project allowed participants, many of whom were newcomers to Canada and Toronto, to become involved in this near-by science museum in a meaningful and creative way.

Project: Scientific Illustration Student Poster, 2011

Role: During a practice teaching placement, I helped guide a 10th grade visual arts class through the creation of this poster celebrating science illustration. I directed students through the production of their artwork in the classroom and later designed and distributed the final poster.

Project: High School Student Art Exhibitions, 2013-2015

Role: As a classroom teacher, I managed the creation of artworks in a variety of media throughout the school term. At the end of the year I would work with students to collect, curate, and display work that reflected our collective strengths and interests. These exhibitions gave students a chance to show their most successful work from the year, in the context of larger arts events in the school community.

Community Projects